I’m having the most horrible flashbacks.

The worst and earliest is sitting on a plane, packed like sardines, parked on the tarmac.  As we’re taxiing to the runway, the captain came on and announced that we were at war with Iraq.  This was the absolute last thing my wife, a white-knuckle flyer at the best of times, needed to hear.  In a sense, it’s the absolute last thing any of us needed to hear.

I bring this up because this is how I felt when I heard we are now at war with Libya.  I suppose technically this will be referred to as some sort of peace effort (war is peace, you know), strictly to put an end to the activities of Khadaffi/Gadafi/Qadaffhi/Putzatti or however his name is spelled this particular day of the week.

Here’s my quasi-libertarian point of view: we don’t belong there.  I have a strict non-interventionist policy.  In fact, I’d bring our brave men and women home from Iraq and Afghanistan this very moment.  We don’t belong there either.  Not our fight.

In addition, the arguments in this region have gone on far longer than we’ve been a country.  We are not going to solve them.  They probably won’t solve them either.


I haven’t heard much from or about the Arab League until this week.  They have been suspiciously silent about Libya.  Well, when I say silent, I mean they kept their sanctimonious mouths shut until someone else came in with the heavy equipment, then started to complain.

I’d like to suggest the Arab League, and/or Libya’s neighbors, clean up this mess.  There is absolutely no reason the US needs to be involved.  Jeebus, man, the first bombers in were from France.  When in your life did you think you’d ever hear that phrase?


President Giveaway, upon hearing about this crisis, sprang immediately to inaction and started talking about his March Madness brackets.  Yes, kids, I’m faulting him for this.  I am also faulting him for eventually charging into Libya, as if we were the only ones capable of effecting action (or, pardon the word, change).

Candidate Obama, 2007:

“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation,” Obama responded.


This must be part of the change Obama promised.  He behaved exactly as Bush the Second did in Iraq.


The UN is a blight on our soil.  I have long suggested that in lieu of our alleged back payments, we simply give the building away (provided the losing country physically takes it elsewhere).

We are allegedly in Libya as part of the UN, but we seem to be leading the charge.  Other countries look to us, apparently.  Other countries need to have this notion removed from their noggins.


Russia is busy abstaining from the UN fracas, along with China.  Putin said he’s tired of the trend of US military intervention.  Quite frankly, I have to agree with him.


Apropos of nothing, Michael Moore just suggested Obama give back his Nobel Peace Prize.  I don’t often find myself agreeing with Michael Moore, but this time….

And just to remind everyone that Libya isn’t the only place run by a total loon, Ahmadinejad has stated that God has chosen his successor.  Only God knows, and no one’s tellin’.