I have heard the phrase “the power of music” but, until this article, it only made me think of Spinal Tap and amps that go to 11….

“… some car entertainment systems were susceptible to specially-crafted MP3 files. The infected songs allowed them to inject malicious code into the system when burned to a CD and played. While this sort of virus could spread fairly easily with the popularity of P2P file sharing, it would likely be pretty useless at present.”

I am not surprised at all, MP3s have long been used as exploits, just as pictures have.  This is nothing new, nothing special, just somewhat different.  One thing I disagree with though, “pretty useless at present”.

The problem I have with that statement, is that any security hole is useful to the black hat.  A Similar article over at itworld.com reports that cars were successfully hacked via a CD in experiments done in 2009. So it has at least been done by researchers.  Furthermore, until something is exploited, we rarely know what the exploit will be.   A potential security exploit, to a hacker, is as useful as any other hole in security.