I have been using Chrome/Chromium (splitting my with each) for what feels like the better part of six months now. Despite needing to get used to a different way of doing things from a browser perspective, I have generally found that Chrome was everything I ever wanted from a browser. Speed without excuses, available on the platform I choose and of course, doesn’t run great on one OS while operating at the speed of snot on another.

Today all of this could change. Firefox 4 is now available and man, it’s looking pretty sweet. But I am then confronted with a problem. Chrome meets my needs just fine. And if I am concerned about any potential privacy problems, then clearly using the Iron variant would solve anything needing to be addressed in that area. Why give Firefox yet another chance?

No really, I’m done with the benchmarks

Without having the time at the moment to dive too deeply into how well one browser works in comparison to another, I have been dancing between the two throughout the day. My preliminary findings have shown me the following. Overall the latest Firefox release blows the doors off of Chrome with speed. Not on every site. Some stuff using a lot of ajax type stuff still does better with Chrome, but for the most part the mess that was Firefox on Linux with 3.x has been massively improved. I cannot stress how much better things are running now.

Switch From Chrome To Firefox
Photo by topgold

Both browsers work well with the YouTube HTML5 beta opt in tests. Really didn’t notice any speed differences there. I might be inclined however, to point out that the Firefox tests did load a tiny bit faster than with my Chrome tests. Again, your OS may vary. But on Ubuntu, Firefox surprisingly was more than keeping up with Chrome.

Time to switch then? Not too sure about that just yet. When it comes to my use of technology, I’m pretty slow to change things around. And this is especially true when it comes to things I happen to use everyday. I will put myself out there in saying that Firefox really blew my doors off. I am really happy with Firefox 4. But once again exporting all of my bookmarks and settings doesn’t really appeal too much to me at the moment. Perhaps I will sync things up this weekend, should the motivation strike me.