I recall several years ago when there was a shortage of Nintendo Wii consoles and if you wanted to purchase one, you needed to learn how the game was played. Getting a Wii required a shopper to have a huge amount of tenacity and also use their phone to let their fingers do the walking. My wife and I were able to grab two Wii consoles in a period of several weeks, one by pure luck and the second by a phone call. The first Wii we located sitting on a pallet in the middle of an aisle in a Best Buy store. We were at Best Buy to look at HDTVs and when I saw the Wii I bought one. The pallet was empty by the time we left the store. The second Wii was purchased at Walmart. My wife had been calling our local Walmart daily when she discovered the store had two Wii units left out of the 12 they had received that morning. I was returning home when my wife called and I was able to buy a Wii just before the units were gone.

So now consumers are faced with what appears as a shortage of Apple iPad 2 tablets. Though the tablets are in short supply, if one knows where to look the tablets can still be found. Here’s how:

Best Buy is a great source to start with. One only needs to call Best Buy and get their name added to a wait list. When the Apple iPad 2 tablets are back in stock the store will call you. Is this going to work at every Best Buy store in every city in the U.S.? I doubt it. But it may work for you if you live in or near a larger city that may be allocated a larger number of the tablets. One of my neighbors took my advice I placed his name on a waiting list last Thursday evening. To his surprise he picked up his new Apple iPad 2 tablet on Saturday morning. One note that I believe had helped him get his quicker: he ordered the pricey $830 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G unit. I think you may experience a harder time buying the less expensive units.

Another recommendation is to stop by your local Apple retail store. There is one minor problem with this advice. Apple retail stores are only located in the major cities and rarely, if ever, are seen in outlying areas. Of course there are exceptions like the retail store in San Mateo, CA. With a city population of about 100k, the city is located near Silicon Valley and attracts the more wealthy clients from the local area. Apple retail stores do get a limited stock of the units and merely place a sign in the store window indicating the tablets are available.

One tip is that you can call a store and a clerk with inform you if a shipment of iPads has arrived. According to one report the stores will usually open at 9:00am if Apple iPad 2 tablets are in stock. Be prepared to stand in line for a while. Other consumers will be competing with you to get their hands on this popular tablet including those who wish to sell the tablet on eBay or Craigslist for a profit.

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Source – N.Y. Times