Apple has removed a controversial app from its app store that was intended to “cure gays” after an online petition was signed by over 150,000 people. Exodus International released the app with the intention of “helping those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction to live a life congruent with biblical teaching.” Apple hasn’t commented on the reason as to why the app was removed. This prompted to push the envelope even further. The fact that Apple removed the app isn’t enough. They want Apple to say something about it.

Ignorant as it may seem, if the issue was the fact that the app was anti-gay, Exodus should still be allowed to freely distribute the app (mainly so people like me can laugh at it.) It’s a kind of censorship that I don’t agree with. There was another issue with the app though in that it was pretty useless as far as functionality. It only served as a portal that provided links to various web resources that contained anti-gay and religious content. An app isn’t needed as this information can simply be made available via a website. Apps that simply point people to web resources has been something Apple normally despises whether the app is controversial or not.