A recent study claims that religion may be dying in nine countries.  It’s a shame that the US didn’t make the top nine.  It’s not that religion is bad by itself – it’s just that some of its practitioners are not entirely well.  Not sure I agree with the study either, which seems to be based upon an increasing number of people claiming no religious affiliation.

Not related to the above in any way is pole dancing for Jesus.  Funny, that might actually affect religious affiliation…..


Sudden bursts of moderate to intense physical activity, such as exercise or sex, can radically increase the odds of a heart attack.

I have long maintained that exercise is not only immoral and ridiculous, but horribly bad for you.  The nice folks at Tufts Medical Center in Boston have gone forth and scientifically proven my point.

Now technically, this is not one of those articles of which you want to read only the headline.  What the study actually says is that physical activity increases your odds of a heart attack three times; from approximately one in ten thousand to three in ten thousand.

I wish to add that they are only speaking of exercise – NOT SEX.    And if you wish to claim that sex is exercise, I will be forced to repeat what I told a girlfriend years back: if you insist on referring to it as exercise, I shall stop doing it.


Venezuela’s president (and chief opponent of sanity), Hugo Chavez, has stated that capitalism may have ended life on Mars.  Hugo (who frequently insists on being called Cindy) said that if capitalists arrived on Mars, they may have killed off all life.  Well, we have to give Cindy credit for at least not making the statement definitive.


Here’s an interesting article from SXSW about women fighting for their `place’ in tech.  The only thing the article is missing is objectivity from the trenches.  During my many years in tech, I have yet to find anyone barring the door with their body to prevent women from getting in.  In fact, the majority of women I have interviewed have been not up for the task or haven’t bothered showing up.  Where’s this alleged fight?  Where are the women?