In today’s world you are not on the map unless you are on Google Maps. While Microsoft may say “the Bing! with that,” it is a truthful statement. According to an article at, EV fueling stations are now “on the map”:

Even now, as electric cars become mass-market items and the stations that will power them become increasingly more common, finding the power stations is not exactly an easy task. Google is hoping to make a small contribution that will make the life of an electric car owner a bit less like a research project, and a bit more like getting from point A to B without stress. They are adding the locations of electric vehicle (EV) fueling stations to their maps. That way whether you need a quick fill up, or you are planning a cross-country road trip, you will be able to find what you need without having to know where it is already.

With so many advances in automobile technology recently from autonomous vehicles to NAVs, or network assisted vehicles, one could easily wonder if cars that get themselves to the fueling station are not too far off.