WeatherBug has been making its mark on the mobile space for a few years now. But what most people probably don’t realize is how effective using Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 has been for WeatherBug developers.

A recent Microsoft case study

This recent Microsoft case study talks about how the folks at WeatherBug (a brand of EarthNetworks), feel that using the Windows Phone 7 interface has made software development much easier to implement.

One positive example was the option for WeatherBug to reuse Bing Maps controls.  A second benefit was that existing developed code WeatherBug had already came up with, was easily transferable into the Windows Phone 7 environment. This was possible thanks to common use of Microsoft Silverlight.

WeatherBug Reaps The Benefits Of Windows Phone 7
Photo byMicrosoft

Silverlight controls

WeatherBug sees a number of areas where Silverlight controls can enhance development efforts in the future. This means future improvements with existing website experiences, among other benefits.

WeatherBug and future technologies

In the future you’ll find WeatherBug setting the pace both on the Web in addition to within the mobile space. To keep track of what’s going on, I’d suggest subscribing to the RSS feed for this site.

Those who would like to use WeatherBug technology to set their own pace with software development, I would point you to the WeatherBug API page.