In May 2009, Gmail began to feature the ability for users old and new to import mail and contacts from email accounts hosted on other popular providers such as Yahoo!, AOL, and Hotmail, among others. This made it easy for new users to switch to Gmail from another email account. Today, Gmail announced support to switch to Gmail from 14 additional international domains. The entire list of domains that Gmail now supports to import mail and contacts from can be found here.

How to Switch to Gmail
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Switching to Gmail provides many benefits, including less spam, lots of free storage space, the ability to search instantly within Gmail to find the exact message you want, a conversation view of message, a priority inbox, built-in chat, and HTTPS encryption.

To switch to a Gmail account, first sign up with Gmail at Then, to import contacts and/or messages, sign in to your Gmail account. Then click the gear in the top right corner of your account, select Mail Settings, and visit the Accounts and Import tab. There, you’ll see an “Import Mail and Contacts” button. Click on this button, and follow the prompts in the popup to sign in to other email account to import your contacts and mail to Gmail.

If you still want to send email “from” your old address that you have likely been using for a long time, you can set up your Gmail to send “from” this address. Just log-in to your Gmail account and click the gear in the top right corner. Select Mail Settings and visit the Accounts and Import tab. Under “Send Email As” click Add another email address. Follow the steps on-screen to complete the setup to send your mail “from” your old email address.

For more help with switching to Gmail, visit, or visit the Gmail Blog.