In 1974 I bought what was a remarkable device for its time called a Radarange made by Amana. At the time the units were retailing for $700 and I thought I was getting a deal when I bought one for $450, which at the time was about a 1/2 month’s pay. But the unit proved to be a marvel, though most people who visited our home looked at the oven being similar to a nuclear power plant. We were ¬†all going to be sterile, have our hair fall out, and all types of scary diseases would plague us if we got too close to the machine. Fortunately none of these things happened and I found the microwave not as a replacement for the traditional stove, but as a supplement to the kitchen range.

Let’s be honest. The Apple iPad is not a replacement for the traditional desktop or laptop computer. For some the fact that the Apple iPad doesn’t support Microsoft Office is also a reason it can’t compete with a real computer. In fact, compared to a smart phone, the Apple iPad cannot really be called a portable unit. So what is making the Apple iPad such a popular computer? The reason is because, like the microwave, people keep finding more and more uses for it.

People started to find that reading an eBook on an iPad while lounging on the couch was a good idea. They also found that surfing the Internet from just about anywhere and in any comfortable position was also a novelty compared to a real computer. Sure, the pint-sized wannabe doesn’t have the power to run complicated software programs, nor does it have a huge hard disk to store all of the junk we collect.

But the iPad has something else that makes it special. It is easy to use, simple to figure out, and offers some 400,000 apps that have something for everyone. So is the iPad just a toy? Not really. It is also a TV, entertainment device, a note taker for students of all ages, and can also be used to teach small children how to count, read, and just about anything else a kid would need. There is just about something for everybody that makes the iPad an attractive device for many.

2011 is being said to be the year of the tablet computer. No less than 50 devices will be hitting the market in the very near future. As prices drop and the tablets improve, the tablet will become more and more popular. Though it may not replace a traditional computer, it will find a place in more and more homes this year.

Just how good is an Apple iPad? Just give it to a child and watch.

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Source – Gadget Lab