Have you ever given any thought to building your own Web server? I have and when I read the simple to follow instruction which are linked below using Ubuntu-Server 11.04, I was amazed just how easy it actually was. Though I have read that Ubuntu-Server will work on older computers, I did not have an old system available, so I decided to use my gaming machine.

Hardware: AMD 64 bit 3.0 dual-core, Asus mobo, 4GB RAM, Nvidia 9600, built-in network adapter. I removed the SATA hard disk and found an older Seagate 120GB hard disk I had in the garage and even found a ribbon cable. Yes, the Asus mobo has an IDE ribbon connection. LOL

I downloaded the AMD 64 bit edition of Ubuntu-Server 11.04 and burned the .iso file to CD. This may seem unimportant but the directions specifically stated to burn the image to a CD that is 80 minutes/700MB in size. The image will not burn to DVD, according to the author.

You also need to have the computer hooked up to the Internet via a network connection cable [hard-wired], since Ubuntu-Server may not play well with your wireless connection.

I next followed the author’s directions, gave the server a name, selected the OS to use the entire hard disk, did not select encryption [I have nothing worth hiding], and set up a username and password. The hard disk was formatted and the software installed. Now here is where you may experience problems. There is not a pretty GUI for Ubuntu-Server 11.04. Hey, what do you want for free? Don’t worry boys and girls, the author has you covered.

The author provides you with some basic Linux commands, shows you how to obtain updates for the system, and includes how to test your Web server to confirm that it is working properly. In addition, the author walks you through the steps of adding additional useful software to your new server so that you can host the most popular software like MySQL and Apache. As you can guess, I am a newbie at this so I hope I have the terms correct.

If you are a relative newbie like myself to Linux, the author also provides a free .pdf document that will assist you further in getting your server running correctly. This is a 350-page document and is a complete guide to assist you.

Comments welcome.

PS If there is anything I have written that needs correction from you Linux experts, please comment and I will correct the entry. Thanks in advance.

Source – How to build your own Webserver with Ubuntu Server 11.04 (“Natty”) by Robert Schifreen

Source – Direct Download To Ubuntu-Server 11.04

Source – .pdf format 350 page guide