After a few weeks of my wife using her Apple iPad 1, she noticed that the built-in keyboard was OK for simple Facebook replies, but for emails it was very slow. It is not the keyboard on the Apple iPad that is slow, but the awkward position that causing the slow typing. I tried the Apple iPad myself and had to agree that typing on the tablet left much to be desired and I looked for an alternative. I ordered the Kensington Bluetooth keyboard and case, which I received from Amazon and that arrived last Friday morning.

Setup was fairly simple and the Bluetooth connection was easy to connect to the Apple iPad. The keyboard is small but actually has a good feel to it. This is where touch screens cannot match the familiar feeling of pressing down on keys. This is what my wife also thought once she starting typing her emails on the new keyboard.

Quality of the Kensington Bluetooth keyboard and case is good. The case has a synthetic leather look and is actually quite attractive for the price. Price for the unit was $60 and since I am a prime member at Amazon, shipping was free. In fact the case gives the iPad a professional look since it is styled like a portfolio. Even with the case on, the screen of the iPad is completely protected, yet you can still access all of the side buttons and charging port on the iPad.

However, there is one small issue that I think a potential buyer should be aware of. Each time you want to use the keyboard you need to enter in a 4 digit key code. It is a pain to do this, but not such a pain that I totally dislike the keyboard and case. Oh wait, I bought this for my wife, didn’t I? So I spoke to her and she said that she likes the keyboard and it is a definite improvement over the Apple iPad keyboard using touch to type. She also said that she likes the feel of the case and it did not add that much to the weight of the iPad.

Now here are my two cents. The Google Chrome Cr-48 that I am beta testing comes with its own keyboard that I find easy to use. The keyboard also is larger than the keyboard that comes with the Kensington unit by almost two inches. This makes the keys easier to use for me, but my wife likes the Kensington keyboard just fine.

Which goes back to what I have said before. Each of us have different preferences in how we do things on the Internet as well as different interests. So whether it is a netbook or tablet that you use, it is your choice.

Comments welcome.

Kensington KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for iPad 1, K39294US (Black)

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