As if we needed yet another reason to have the TSA removed from our airports (and lives), the Transportation Security Agency just fired a woman because of her religion.  Of course they were just sloppy enough to throw in some other claims, but it boils down to religion.

Carole A. Smith is a wiccan, otherwise known as a witch, who was classified by her employer as satisfactory.  She was among the top ten in catching weapons via x-ray.  Unfortunately her former trainer claimed she was afraid of Smith’s religion and that Smith put a spell on her car, causing the heater not to work.

I have seen some pretty horrid examples of what the TSA calls an employee; some of them used to be low-wage airport security.  But this agency needs to take a serious look at its hiring policies.  I don’t know about you but I’d be horrified to have an employee who was afraid of someone else’s religion and accused them of placing a spell on their car.  The ignorance is staggering.

Let’s take a trip to If Land, where we can run a what-if scenario.

What if you went to your human resources department and complained that you are afraid of your next door neighbor’s Catholicism.  Furthermore, she prayed for your house to fall over.

How far would you get?  Would your neighbor get fired?  Somehow I doubt it, yet this is apparently OK for the TSA.  Yes, they trumped up some silly charges, but this is about religion.  An Equal Opportunity complaint was filed but Smith didn’t retain a lawyer, which she will for the next complaint.

What kind of country has this become?