While there are lots of things that make you run out of the house at the last minute, for a dog owner, dog food has to be at the top of the list.

Think about the number of times you’ve had to make a last minute trip to the market, just to keep Fido fed. How many times has that happened over the last year? How much time did you waste on that trip? How much gasoline did you burn? How many extra impulse items did you throw into the proverbial cart on your way to the checkout line?

Perhaps it only happens two or three times per year. Perhaps it’s not a big deal.

Although our dogs seem to enjoy the occasional bowl of Crunch Berries, I’ve never dared to try Raisin Bran for fear of the potentially disastrous results.

A well-stocked dog food cupboard ensures that Spot will never go hungry. Buying dog food in larger quantities ensures a lower cost per meal. Taking a pragmatic approach saves time and money.

Of course, few folks want to keep fifty pounds of dog food on hand at all times. This is why a systematic dog food delivery system makes sense.

If ten pounds of dog food show up on your front stoop on a pre-determined schedule, you’ll never run out.

If you negotiate a competitive price up-front, you won’t have to spend time clipping coupons. The pooches will be provided for and your budget will be that much easier to keep.