I was excited to discover that Firefox 4 was released for the Android platform.  I use Firefox as my default browser on desktops for a few reasons, mainly the extensions.

My Droid (the original Droid) was less that excited.  It has grown tired of installing large Firefox packages that crawl like frozen syrup, lock up, and sometimes reboot the phone.  It begged me not to try again, but I don’t even listen to my wife – why should I listen to my phone?

Firefox is available from the Android Market, so I downloaded it.  Upon first run, it told me that my device was incompatible and I may experience trouble running the program.

It is at times like these that I play along at first.  I figure why not give them the benefit of doubt.  Sure I have an android device, sure I downloaded it from an official source, sure I downloaded the correct program… why should it work?

The browser did come up, in spite of the warning.  I asked it to download an extension (Adblock Plus), which it did, telling me to reboot to complete, which I did.  I went to subscribe to a list, per suggestion, which it gave me no way to do.  When I backed out, I was at my home screen and the phone was almost frozen.

This is not a good omen.

I got tired of waiting so I shut the phone down and restarted.  Even shutting down was difficult, as the phone appeared to have better things to do with its CPU than what I had asked it to do.

Firefox does not load quickly, via a comment in the market and my own experience.  I decided to try Options.  SECURITY WARNING: by default the browser saves passwords.  Clearing the cache took considerably longer than I consider reasonable.

As the other settings were taking their time also, I again gave up.  In short order, I got a message stating that activity in Firefox wasn’t happening.

Bye bye.


Firefox in a word:  Don’t.