Emulate the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet OS right on your PC with the PlayBook Simulator. This tool doesn’t have many OS features added to it just yet as it is mainly used for development purposes. It provides you an excellent feel for what the device will be like to use though.

This tutorial was done in Windows 7, but you should be able to perform similar steps in Linux, Mac, and other versions of Windows.

1. Download and install VMWare Player.

2. Download and install the BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator. Note the install location, which is usually C:Usersusername for Windows users.

3. Start VMWare Player.

4. Click Create a New Virtual Machine.

5. Select I will install the operating system later and click Next.

VMWare install OS later option

6. For both the Guest operating system and Version settings, select Other.

VMWare Guest OS options

7. Give the image a name. Click Next.

Name the VM

8. Just click Next on the disk capacity settings.

VM disk capacity

9. Click Customize Hardware…

Customize Hardware button

10. Set the Memory for this virtual machine to 1024MB.

Set VM memory

11. Click the CD ROM drive. Select Use ISO image file on the right side. Click Browse… and navigate to the BlackBerryPlayBookSimulator.iso file. This is located in the installation location noted in step 2.

Set ISO Image

12. Click Display. Check Accelerate 3D graphics. Click OK.

Accelerate 3D grapics setting

13. Review the settings and click Finish.

Finish setting VMware

14. Play the virtual machine.

Play virtual machine

15. When the image starts, it will provide you with the license agreement. Press F2 to skip to the bottom. Type Y and press Enter.

Agree to terms

16. If everything is configured correctly, the image will install. Press Enter when it completes.

Installing images

17. When the image restarts, you will have a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet simulator to run anytime you like.