International Data Corp. (IDC) released its statistics for cell phone use for the year 2011, which it believes will increase by 50%. What is of interest and being discussed around the Internet is its prediction that Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will take the number two position for cell phone use. What is raising the eyebrows of some is that the prediction seems to place Apple in the number three spot with its popular iPhone.

Since Nokia and Microsoft have joined forces recently, with Nokia agreeing to use Windows Phone 7 on future phones, rumors are circulating at a fevered pace. There is only one problem with all of the rumors and all of the predictions. Until Microsoft can show the world that its phone OS is a real contender, everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

What is not surprising is that few, if anyone, are buying this prediction. Citing the problems Microsoft had in developing an OS that can truly compete against Apple and Google, the problem is further exacerbated since Microsoft received a lukewarm reception in the tablet market. While Apple iOS and Google Android are blowing the competition away, why would anyone believe that Microsoft and Nokia can pull off a miracle?

Nokia will not have a Windows Phone 7 model available until at least 2012. With an industry that can change in a heartbeat, how can anyone know just how well the Windows Phone 7 will be accepted by the masses? Predicting four years down the road is an amazing feat that makes many wonder what is behind this.

Will it really be the superior hardware by Nokia and a Windows Phone 7 software that in combination together will make a super phone?

What do you think?

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Source – ZDNet