I have been thankful to have moved to an area with cable provider that is not Comcast. I can watch Netflix or Hulu videos without worrying about eventually paying an extra charge or being shut down for exceeding a bandwidth cap. Comcast however claims to be burdened when its customers use these video on-demand services. Comcast’s answer is to charge partners of Netflix like Level 3 an additional charge to deliver its content. They claim their local networks are overwhelmed with Netflix traffic and they can’t possibly keep up the same level of service if usage continues to grow. This is a classic case of a company not thinking outside of the box, or simply not wanting to.

Well since you don’t want to invest in upgrading your network, how about this? You know all of those cable channels you deliver Comcast? Many of those are only watched by a handful of people. There are tons of channels available on Comcast that are just plain useless. CSPAN 3? TCM? Nobody watches those! How about axing some of those channels? Doing so would provide you with the bandwidth to provide your customers with the services consumers are beginning to adopt when it comes to watching TV? People are dropping cable TV like rain in April. They’re tired of having 100 channels that repeat the same thing over and over again. They prefer to get their stuff on-demand.

So get rid of those channels that nobody watches. Start with Fox News. Use the added bandwidth to make your Internet service faster and better. Proudly push Netflix as another reason to buy your Internet services. Advertise that your Internet service is the best one to watch Netflix and other on-demand video services on like you advertise the TV networks you carry. If you can’t do that, maybe make your existing on-demand services comparable to Netflix. I don’t want to watch an episode of Entourage from 5 years ago.

You won’t do that though will you Comcast? You’re more interested in not changing at all and peddling the networks you own the old fashioned way. Over a media format that is decades old and not preferred by your customers. In that case, I hope Google Fiber spreads across this land like wildfire and you end up like the music recording industry. Swimming against the current to get the customers you’ve screwed back.