The guys over at RWW made a great find today – a new and neat little web-based app called that allows you to create a single profile for your social media friends and followers to, well, friend and follow you,  all with one click. Users simply sign up, create a profile and then connect their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. The profile can then be shared in substitution for sharing each and every of all three social networks, and future friends and followers can “Fully Follow” the user on all three networks at once from the app. Visitors to a profile can also selectively choose networks to follow, instead of following all three in entirety.

Though there is undoubtedly a need for, the fact that there is a need for highlights the redundancy and complexity of using several social networks today. Is it really that big of a pain to follow a new friend all around the internet? Has the prevalence of social networks gotten so out of hand that we need a single app to help keep track of everyone? And has the entire “social media” scene really become this impersonal that we need an app to help us friend someone?

I am not so busy that I can’t friend or follow someone back organically, but if you want to check out this unfortunately useful app, here’s how you can set up your own profile:

  1. Sign Up and create your profile at
  2. Check your email for a “Welcome to!” email with an activation link.
  3. Then, reserve your username – this will become your vanity URL.
  4. Connect your Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Finally, sign in with LinkedIn and grant access to your LinkedIn Account to finish setting up your account.