It seems ironic to me that Sony would be suing one hacker, known as Geohot, for jailbreaking the PS3 while recruiting another to work at the PlayStation division. Nonetheless, Sony has approached a hacker, who goes by Koush, known for mobile API and android hacks, about employment.

According to TechDirt, Koush replied to the inquiry email as follows:

…I appreciate that you reached out to me. The opportunity does sound very interesting! However, due to Sony’s recent treatment of a fellow hacker, Georg Hotz (@geohot), I could not in good conscience work at Sony.

I think it is an example of poetic justice. Besides, would you want to work for a company that sues people who do exactly what you do? I wonder, if the hacker accepted the position and quit later, would that also involve litigation?

Maybe it is time to stop calling people who attack technology, modify it, and make it better meet our human needs hackers? Maybe big companies like Sony should wake up and smell the coffee of the 21 century and accept that, if hackers might be a valuable employment resource, it shouldn’t litigate within that particular labor pool!