There you are on your Facebook page when all of a sudden you can’t do anything. You click here, there and everywhere and nothing happens. Now you are frustrated and getting angry when, just as suddenly, the page starts working again. Is it an Internet moment, a fluke, or are the Facebook minions messing with your brain?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the folks at Facebook do, from time to time, stop by certain Facebook pages just to aggravate you. But don’t fret. It is all to improve the user experience. By finding out how people adjust when a page is messed with, it helps the Facebook folks improve the user experience for others who use Facebook.

But the people at Facebook also learned some other valuable lessons during their experimenting on various Facebook pages. If you mess with people too much, they will just drop out and stop using Facebook. Some 7% did not return to Facebook for an extended time after they were harassed in the name of improving the user experience. So Facebook does take note of people’s attitudes and complaints when they experiment which sometimes leads them to stopping the experiment.

Another interesting tidbit is that only about 48% of those who attempt to upload a photo doing in one shot. For some folks it takes them most of the day to complete the process. Facebook is trying to make that particular user experience easier.

It is funny because I believe we have all experienced some problems on Facebook that I have attributed to the system on Facebook just not functioning properly. It is good to know that there are people behind the scenes who are actually just messing with us.

So, do you mind being used as a guinea pig?

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Source – ReadWriteWeb