Google quietly launched another lab today following yesterday’s release of the new Google +1 button, which allows Google users to share and recommend search results. To help blog owners and Web masters understand their own search rankings, Google now features a new lab called Page Speed Online. Page Speed Online provides a Page Speed Score and suggestions to implement to bring that score up. Having a high Page Speed Score is important because your Web site’s page load time is a critical component of your ranking in Google search results.

Google provides Page Speed Scores and analysis for not only the desktop version of your Web site, but the mobile version of your Web site, too. These scores can drastically vary, as your Web site might not be optimized properly for mobile browsers. Google provides High, Medium and Low priority suggestions for each version of yours Web site, and Google’s Page Speed Online suggestions might include the following:

High: Leverage browser caching
Medium: Minimize redirects
Low: Minify CSS

The only problem with the Page Speed Online lab is that you may find that your Page Speed score may vary drastically each time you revisit it to check your score. I checked my personal blog’s Page Speed Score twice, only minutes apart, and the score dropped from a 91 to an 83. Could this be an indicator of how Google actually (and haphazardly?) works? Or is this lab just still too new to expect stability?

Even though Google’s new lab may potentially have some quirks, the Page Speed Online lab is still a great tool to get recommendations from Google to improve the function and page speed of your Web site. If you have ever asked yourself “Why is my Web site slow?” You may want to use this tool to see your personal recommendations from Google to improve your own search rankings. Here’s how to use Google’s new Page Speed Online tool:

  1. Visit the Page Speed Online Lab
  2. Type in your web page URL
  3. Select whether you want to “Get desktop suggestions” or “Get mobile suggestions” for your Web site from the drop down menu.