By default, Word wraps text and breaks text across pages automatically. Usually Word does a good job of it but there are times when you need to keep text together — when you don’t want Word to wrap the text across lines or break the text across pages. Fortunately, for such cases, Word includes a few different options for keeping text together.

Option 1 — Non-Breaking Space

When you want two words to stay together, insert a non-breaking space instead of a regular space. This way both words wrap to the next line together. To enter a non-breaking space, simply press CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR. For example, to keep the words ‘Word 2007’ together, press CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR to enter a space between the two words.

Option 2 — Non-Breaking Hyphen

Similar to the non-breaking space, a non-breaking hyphen prevents hyphenated words from wrapping across lines. Instead, of breaking the hyphenated word across two lines, then entire hyphenated word wraps to the next line. To enter a non-breaking hyphen, press CTRL + SHIFT + -.

Option 3 — Non-Breaking Paragraphs/Lines

As mentioned earlier, Word automatically breaks text between two pages. To prevent Word from splitting a paragraph or lines across two pages, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Home tab, click the Paragraph window launcher.
  2. Word - Keep Text Together in One of Three Ways

  3. The Paragraph window appears. Select the Line and Page Breaks tab.
  4. Select the Keep lines together option.
  5. Word - Keep Text Together in One of Three Ways

  6. Click OK.