Facebook’s latest release of its iPhone application gives users the ability to check in to events from the iPhone natively. The latest version 3.4 also gives users a map view when looking at Places, another added benefit lets users also defriend people on Facebook in-app.

Those two major additions are in company with other small news feed improvements and a user interface refresh when looking at notifications. Inside the application only the defriend button is new; the extended option is called out with a huge red button marking that you wish to defriend them.

To find the new event check-in features, go under the events section inside the app and within will be all the features to check-in properly. While checking in a user is able to check-in to nearby and upcoming event with the added option to tag their Facebook friends if they choose to do so.

Map view can be found under Places with a new section for it. Users here can toggle between “Map” and “Activity” which allows users to see near by check-in points on a map or a list that lets users see a list of points nearby.

Facebook’s updates to this latest release enhance the overall quality of the application and boost the experience that a user has when inside the application. The Facebook application pushes users to use the check-in feature on events nearby and makes it even easier to get rid of users they no longer want to be connected with.

With 250 million people using Facebook in a mobile environment on a monthly basis, the company continues to make mobile devices its important focus.