Even though the latest browser results show that Microsoft Internet Explorer continues its slide in usage, the company refuses to allow Windows XP users to install IE9 on their computers. It seems that Microsoft is hoping that Windows XP users will upgrade to Windows 7 once they realize that they cannot use the latest and greatest Microsoft browser.

This may have made good business sense back five years ago, when Internet Explorer held a commanding lead in the browser market and before Microsoft started to see its market share slide. As more and more users sought alternatives to Internet Explorer, mainly switching to Firefox, people no longer needed to be tied to one browser alone. Today Windows XP users have a multitude of choices from companies like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others.

Here are the latest numbers for browser usage for each of the most popular browsers on the market:

Internet Explorer is at about 55.9%

Firefox holds a 21.8% market share.

Google Chrome comes in at 11.6%

With this in mind, Windows XP users have plenty of alternatives to use on their system no matter what Microsoft decides to do. In other words, Microsoft cannot believe that it is going to kill off Windows XP by not allowing IE9 onto the older operating systems. Or does the company believe this? Its excuse for not allowing IE9 onto Windows XP is that it would need to dumb down the browser to work on Windows XP and this would not be good in pushing the Internet forward.

Why is it that the other companies can get their browsers working on Windows XP without any issues? Why is it that these alternatives to Internet Explorer continue to grab more market share month after month?

What do you think, Windows XP users? Will you dump XP to get your hands on IE9? Or will you continue to use XP until your computer blows up?

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Source – PC World