Your government is ripping you off.

This shouldn’t be news to you, me, or any generic Facebook account owner.  It’s only starting to really hit the fan because of the news about the upcoming government shutdown (how will we know?).

I find it interesting to note that there was absolutely no talk of cutting billions from the federal budget until long after New Jersey governor Chris Christie made all of the painful cuts in his state.  You can call it a coincidence if you like; I won’t.


What is fiat currency?  Short answer: printing money whenever, with no backing.  Almost short answer: money that has no value, printed by law or regulation.  This is the system we have now.  Need some money?  Print it – POOF.


We are your average citizens, you and me.  We live in a house or apartment and pay rent or a mortgage.  Every month, my sainted wife goes over the bills and figures out how to pay them, based upon our income(s).

Now here’s the rub: if our debt exceeds our income, we’re screwed.  Therefore, we cannot print more money or borrow from thin air; we have to deal with reality.

Your government, on the other hand, has no such boundaries.  They are not held accountable for their spending.  They simply spend more and borrow/print more.  Because there is no accountability, there is no responsibility.  It’s politics at its finest.

In March, the Fed spent more than eight times its monthly revenue.  That’s one month, folks.   And they didn’t even offer to take you to dinner before doing it to you.  The largest laugh here is that you elected them.


Yes, that is the rumbling from the Fed.  All of the sudden it’s time to start slashing the budget by billions.  This rush of bravery seems to have come out of nowhere.   And if they’re offering to slash billions, we know there are trillions that could (and should) be slashed.

The odds of a shutdown have gone up after President Obama’s rejection of a republican proposal to push back the deadline by one week.  Of course we all know that this is showboating on both sides.

There is no need to push the deadline at all: balance the budget, stupid(s).

For your information, the Air Force is spending $4 million per day on Libya.  We were over $600 million in the first week.  We need this drain why?  I can’t even locate an accounting of Afghanistan or Iraq.  If they people truly knew, there would be rioting in the streets.  Fortunately Americans Idle is back on television.


Just to show you that this perfidy is universal, the Japanese government has apologized for the unfortunate release of radiation from the crippled reactor.


Welcome to the new look(?) of ThermionicEmissions and Lockergnome in general.  Don’t congratulate me; I knew nothing of it until a few days ago.  I was kinda hoping to get the old look and functionality back but that is not to be.   Not to worry – as Robert Plant so quaintly phrased it, “The Content Remains the Same“.