Ever since Windows wore knickers, I have always been anxious to test and be the first to use the latest edition of Windows. Now that we are hearing rumors about what the next version of Windows may include, my antenna is once again being raised in anticipation of what new features Windows 8 may offer us. Let me first state that I have not had the opportunity to try the Alpha version of Windows 8, nor do I have any inside information about the new operating system. What I do have are my own personal opinions of what we could expect and what we may not see in Windows 8.

We need to explore the history of previous versions of Windows and how these past versions have been accepted by the public. The first version of Windows that I believe was the best in the original numbered versions was Windows 3.11. When Windows 3.11 was released it was very stable and though there were a few minor issues, the overall performance and stability was vastly improved over previous versions.

Microsoft Windows 8 - Could This Be The Best Windows Yet?
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Next came Windows 95. Though Windows 95 offered us the ability to multi-task, the program was extremely buggy from the start. It wasn’t until Microsoft came out with Windows 98 second edition that we were back on track to a stable version with minimal issues. Next Microsoft introduced us to Windows ME — that was a disaster on wheels and had a life span of about six months. All of us took pity on the poor souls who bought new computers housing ME and it was often recommended to uninstall ME and install Windows 98 to obtain stability and performance. I guess I should mention that during this period of time, the business version of Windows called NT had been replaced with Windows 2000; that worked fairly well.

Microsoft released its much touted version of Windows XP, which combined the best of all Windows version from consumer and business editions, into a professional edition. This was a one size fit all, and in general, was one of the best versions of Windows ever. Millions of users world-wide continue to use XP, much to the dislike of Microsoft, which would like to see XP die a timely death.

Microsoft next introduced us to Windows Vista. Though I had few issues with Vista itself, consumers overall were dissatisfied with performance and stability issues. The laptop I use for business originally came with Vista installed. I anxiously waited for Windows 7 and immediately removed Vista and installed Windows 7. The result was dramatic and I saw my laptop immediately jump to life. It was like I had purchased a brand new computer. Yes, it was that dramatic.

This morning I was watching our local news that televised a screen shot from one of their computers, and I immediately noticed they were using Windows XP. Yesterday while at my dentist’s office I noticed they were still using XP. Our youngest daughter who works for one of the major automotive supply companies in the U.S., told me their systems were all using XP. This I believe is where Microsoft will concentrate its efforts in Windows 8.

Though we consumers like to pride ourselves into thinking that Windows is for us, the bottom line is that the money is where the business element of our society is. There should be plenty of new toys for us to play with and we consumers won’t be disappointed. I am looking forward to the new version and look forward to playing with the first beta.

Just my two cents.

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