If you love Twitter, the Internet and HTML5, you might be a little excited about today’s announcement from TweetDeck. After Chrome TweetDeck launched in December last year, Chrome TweetDeck has consistently been the most popular app in the Google Web Store, now boasting over 400,000 users. Now, TweetDeck is beginning to beta test a new web app, built on the same core as Chrome TweetDeck, but is not limited to any one brand of web-browser. Say hello to TweetDeck Web.

In TweetDeck’s announcement of its new web app today, they say that TweetDeck Web will feature the same UI and broadly the same product features with one main different – TweetDeck Web will not use Twitter streaming. However, TweetDeck Web will not require any downloads or any purchases – it will function entirely as a standalone website. For those who live “in the cloud” and jump between several computers throughout the day, this would be an ideal solution, especially when downloading TweetDeck, whether to dekstop or to Chrome, is not a viable option. Clearly, TweetDeck Web is creeping on HootSuite’s game with the development of this standalone web Twitter client, and it will be interesting to see how the two continue to compete with not only their UX and UI, but additional features.

TweetDeck Web is still in beta, though, and says on its blog that TweetDeck needs users from a “braod range of systems” to help “create a fantastic new product that will be the future of TweetDeck”. TweetDeck is particuarly interested in users from Chrome, Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4 and Safari, with support for Opera and Internet Explorer 9 being added soon. If you want to sign up with your TweetDeck account to test TweetDeck Web, visit tweetdeck.com/webbeta. TweetDeck will send out emails soon to those selected to help with the beta and with more instructions.