Believe it or not, we have just passed the one year anniversary of President Giveaway’s miracle healthcare plan.  Are you feeling better yet?  Are you better off than you were last year at this time?  Has everything been fixed in our completely broken healthcare system?

The answer, of course, is None of the Above.


I dunno about you but my taxes were filed earlier this year and we have already received our refund.  Without getting terribly specific, my healthcare deductions were north of $20k.  Some of the people I work with barely make that amount.

Don’t get me wrong – I am thankful that I am able to earn enough to pay the bills – and we’re riding the rails.  I have decent health insurance in terms of coverage, but the copays are ridiculous.

My wife is on disability and receives Medicare.  Unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t pay for medicine.  The Medicare alternative plans that our dear friends in D.C. allowed to go through have huge holes in coverage, even if they pay for some medications.  So I have no choice but to pay for my wife and myself to be covered under my work plan.

Here’s what we’re looking at:

  • $40 every time we see a doctor – and my wife sees a lot of doctors
  • $15-50 for every prescription – and there are many
  • $100 if we go to the emergency room
  • $40 for blood work

The coverage gets worse and/or the copays go up every single year.  In fact, in ten years with my current employer, healthcare costs have gone up between six and thirteen percent every year.  Granted, I work with crack addicts or some other seriously ill population, which drives things up further.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act is what we refer to as Obamacare.  Note, in true government fashion, that the name implies something wonderful, while the reality is anything but.  Remember the Patriot Act that took away rights and appeared most unpatriotic?  Note that what comes out of D.C. is named for precisely the opposite of its intended effect.


I’m going to get a lot of crap for this, but I don’t believe it’s the government’s job to interfere in healthcare.  Must be my libertarian side showing.  But one does not need to vote for Ron Paul to recognize that the government screws up everything it touches.  Do you really want the people who brought you Medicare, Social Security, and the federal deficit to run your healthcare too?  What good could possibly come of this?

It didn’t start out this way, you know.  Health insurance was a rarity at one time.  It was really used for hospitalization.  Doctors were paid out of pocket and charged accordingly.  Remember this when your insurance says your copay for a doctor’s visit is forty or fifty dollars.  It’s actually cheaper to pay my chiropractor cash than try to get the bill paid through my HMO.  My insurance doesn’t believe in chiropractic.  Perhaps I should tell them I don’t believe in insurance premiums.

Clearly something needs to be done.  Clearly, with all the exceptions and political wrangling, we are not going to get much relief.

I will tell you this:  I pay an obscene amount of money for insurance coverage.  Then I pay further obscene amounts on copays.  All of this obscenity is going somewhere.

Follow the money.