Microsoft Word, part of the Microsoft Office Suite, is one of the most popular document creation programs. Unfortunately, due to variances in settings between different computers that can affect formatting, as well the ability to edit a Word document between users who open the same Word document, it is not ideal to send a Word document to another person as a “final” or formal version. Converting a Word document to a PDF can alleviate these problems, as it flattens the document and prevents the formatting, text, or images from being edited. Here is how to convert Word to PDF documents:

The easiest way to convert a Word document to a PDF is to download a program that can convert files to PDF file format. My favorite, and also free, program to convert Word files to PDF is PrimoPDF. In addition to converting Word files to PDF, it can create PDF files from over 300 file types. PrimoPDF helps make PDF files for different uses, including online viewing, eBooks, office printing, and prepress. This removes the ability for another person to edit the document, as someone could with a Word file. PrimoPDF can also append PDF files after they are converted, and secure PDFs with passwords and add document information (title, author, etc.) during creation. PrimoPDF integrates with MicroSoft office easily, so you can create PDFS with “Fast, intelligent one-button creation from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.” The makers of PrimoPDF also offers a premium version of the software, NitroPDF Professional, which allows you to create PDFs with advanced creation controls, file-combining, Microsoft Office add-ins, and batch-conversion tools. You can also convert your PDF files back for re-purposing in Microsoft Word with NitroPDF Professional.

Convert Word documents to PDF with PrimoPDF

To convert a Word document to PDF, visit download PrimoPDF from Then, complete installation. Once you have completed and finalized your Word document, click File in Microsoft Word, then Print. Select PrimoPDF from the list of printers, and a PDF will be created from your Word document.