It you don’t know what a Commodore 64 computer is, let me explain how computing was back in the ’80s. The Commodore was one of the first powerhouse computers that was made for consumers. It contained a whopping 64 kilobytes of memory, and had a separate graphics and sound card. The Commodore was a popular computer for home computing use and the company sold two million units the first year. One must remember that the cost was $595 and did not include a monitor. It was pricey for its day but was well worth the cost at the time. I know because I was one of those who bought the unit when it first hit the street.

Today’s Commodore 64 computer has the familiar look of the older system, but contains today’s processing units, more RAM than the original and a host of other new features that makes the unit able to handle today’s computing needs. The units come with a 1.8GHz dual core processor, optional Blu-ray player plus built-in ethernet and HDMI ports. There are five different models ranging in price from $250 up to $900. Higher price units offer more RAM, Wi-Fi, and other goodies.

There is one thing that potential buyers need to be aware of, and that is that the new Commodore 64 comes with its own operating system. Those who wish to experience older 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit era software can do so and the system is compatible with games made for the Vic-20, C16, C64, C128 and AMIGA computers. The company also states that the operating system includes a host of productivity software in the package. The company further states that its operating system is Linux-based, offering the modern features that today’s computer user expects to have on a system.

This is a very interesting project and should attract those who want the nostalgia of an older system but with the newest and latest hardware features — features that were not available back in the ’80s.

I guess my question is this: would you buy one of the new Commodore 64 computers?

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Source – Commodore 64 Web site