This afternoon I received another update from the folks at Google, which involved tweaks for their Google Chrome OS currently running on the Cr-48 I am beta testing. During the past 14 weeks that I have been testing the notebook computer, Google has improved the performance and stability of the OS on the Cr-48 notebook computer. One of the main issues that has been resolved is the speed of the Wi-Fi connection, which originally had been very slow. With each of the subsequent updates this is now a non-issue.

What is interesting about the Cr-48 is that it does not rely on traditional hardware. The Google Chrome OS Cr-28 notebook does not have a hard disk like the traditional laptops use for storing of information. Instead the notebook is designed using a browser GUI and storage of everything that is created is stored in the cloud. Some consumers gave been very vocal in their lack of confidence on allowing Google to store their stuff. Google in the mean time has continued the Chrome OS project which has gathered support by some major computer companies with a tentative release date of June, 2011.

Up until today, Google seemed to have a direction in their Chrome OS and Android OS. Google Chrome OS would be used on netbooks and Android would be used on tablet computers. There are some in the technology industry who questioned the wisdom of supporting two competing operating systems. I felt that each of the two operating systems served different hardware and devices.

So today when news broke that Google is working on a Chrome OS version for the tablet computer, this changed my thinking and previous assumptions. It now appears that Google will be using Google Chrome OS on tablet computers. So where does that leave Android? I am not sure.

Maybe there is room for both Android and Chrome.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

Source – CNet