There is a new kid in town, with a new advertising scheme, that you may run into when installing new software onto your computer system. The basic operation of Open Candy is to offer you the user, additional software downloads, when installing software onto your Windows-based system. When you install a new software program onto your system, the Open Candy advertising software, presents a screen in which you can either select to install additional software or ignore the installation if you wish.

The theory of this, according to the folks at Open Candy, is that this will allow consumers the opportunity to purchase other software from the developer of the program you are installing. This in itself sounds OK, except there is one minor issue with this type of software. The Open Candy software installs onto your computer to do a search so it can determine a listing of software that may be a best choice for you to use. In other words, Open Candy doesn’t want to recommend a software you may already have installed on your computer.

I took a stroll around the Internet, after doing a Google search for Open Candy, when I located an interesting piece on the Gizmo’s website. According to the folks at Gizmo’s, this is what happens whether you accept to install additional software or not to install additional software:

While you can elect not to download any of the programs suggested by OC you cannot opt out from installing OC itself; it is fully embedded in the installation process.

In addition to the above, additional information about your computer is allegedly sent back to the folks at Open Candy. Again, it is immaterial whether you accept to download the software or not, that Open Candy is offering. In their FAQ it seems that Open Candy does admit this.

To their credit Open Candy does provide information on how to uninstall their software and to remove any registry keys that may be left on your computer system.

I guess my question would be this. Do we need another advertising gimmick that scans our computers and sends back information to a companies servers?

I haven’t ran into the Open Candy software so I have no personal knowledge about it. If you have run into Open Candy during the installation process, would you please share your thoughts with us.

Source – Open Candy