It has been interesting watching Redmond giant Microsoft not respond to the Apple iPad and other tablets, since it seems there was little concern for the devices. Even though Microsoft has seen the success of the Apple iPad being directed at the consumer market, the company had no fear that businesses would use either the Apple iPad nor any other tablet system. Now that more companies are introducing tablet computers that are mainly using Google’s Android OS, business organizations are starting to look at tablet computers to give their employees more flexibility.

So why is this happening? It seems that many companies dismissed the smartphone as a toy when it was introduced. Companies who didn’t provide smartphones to their employees regretted not doing so as they saw the benefits of the devices for business use. Businesses are not about to make the same mistake twice and therefore according to a Gartner bulletin, are starting to implement tablet computers to their employees.

But just how many companies will implement tablet computers into the work place? Some in the business world like Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore believes there might be quite a few. His estimates of PC growth has been slashed from 9% down to 4%. He cites the growth of the tablet by businesses which could stem the future growth of PC sales.

On the flip side Microsoft has stated that their upcoming Windows 8 will be tablet friendly. Microsoft and their partners could introduce a tablet next year and the selling feature would be its compatibility with Windows desktops and other Windows devices. This alone could make some businesses wait to see what Microsoft comes up with, before taking the plunge into the tablet market.

But before we write off Microsoft and run out and sell our Microsoft stock, there are a few facts that we must remember. According to the worldometers web site, there has been something like 1 billion PC computers in use through out the world. This number is expected to hit 2 billion by 2015. It is estimated that Apple has sold some 40 million iPad and iPad 2 tablets. Compared to a billion units that are most likely running Microsoft software, 40 million is hardly anything to worry about.

I believe this is why Microsoft is in no hurry to enter the tablet market.

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Source – InformationWeek

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