Speech recognition software has been in development for several decades, but the results have been anything but stellar when it comes to performance. I have tried speech recognition software from Microsoft and also Dragon Speaking with mixed result. Usually the software must first be trained and then you must speak in a slow, pronounced manner. Errors are common and once you correct the errors, many of us feel that typing is actually faster than speaking into a microphone.

On the Samsung phone I have using the Straight Talk network, I use the speech recognition software to dial numbers for me. I would estimate that the process works about 75% of the time without issues. But sometimes if I speak quickly or there is surrounding background noises, the system balks at calling a phone number for me. What is even more frustrating is that I sometimes call the wrong number when the speech software improperly identifies someone in my contact list.

If you own an Android phone, you can try the built-in speech recognition software by clicking on the microphone phone and asking a question. There is no need to speak slowing nor do you have to use an over pronunciation when you speak. You can ask the system mathematical problems, directions and more in a normal voice and the system will respond quickly according to a recent article I read. In addition your microphone can be used to send email messages that are typed while you speak. There are other features available that also support Google speech recognition as well.

However, there are some privacy concerns that may impact the speech recognition feature that some may not like. It seems that every time you use the system, a voice recoding is stored somewhere on Google’s massive server farms. Though the company says that no personal identifying information is associated with the voice recording, I am sure some will disagree. This mountain of data is what makes this speech recognition software work, by matching up voices to what you are saying and it is done instantly.

If you own an Android phone and you have tried the speech recognition, share your thoughts on how well or how not so well the speech recognition software has worked or hasn’t worked for you.

Comments welcome.

Source – Slate