Microsoft has been trying to get users of Windows XP to dump their old computers or to buy a new system with Windows 7 installed. Most of the older Windows XP machines could not be upgraded to Windows 7 because of the steep hardware requirements. So Microsoft has patiently been waiting for the day that Windows XP would finally be over taken by Windows 7. That day has finally arrived but the numbers are very, very close. Windows XP users garner 31.56% and Windows 7 now stands at 31.71% for users in the United States.

It is hard to believe that Windows XP was released almost 10 years ago in August 2001. It is also hard to believe how long Windows XP has remained a viable operating system. I had previously mentioned that both my dentist’s office and local TV stations still were using Windows XP. So it still may take Microsoft another 10 years before they see the last of Windows XP.

So what does this tell us about Windows XP? I believe it demonstrates Microsoft’s ability to build a reliable operating system that just flat-out works. I know that over the years we hear about how wonderful Mac OS is, but the fact is that even Windows XP has double the amount of users compared to all those who are running all versions of the Mac OS. That in itself says quite a bit about a 10-year-old operating system.

But there is one statistic that might not make the folks at Microsoft happy. Worldwide use for Windows XP still remains at about 48%. So while the people in the US may be buying new computers with Windows 7 installed, the rest of the world is hanging onto their old computers using Windows XP.

How long do you think before Windows 7 over takes Windows XP for worldwide use?

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