Stroodle brings all the features and conversation pieces of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn into one simple application. This free application combines multiple services into a clean and easy to use app, without having to struggle through multiple apps. Stroodle is user friendly and is by far the best all-in-one app that I have found.

iPhone and even iPod touch owners have most likely started finding their favorite apps and for the power users like me, this is one app to have in your arsenal. There is no question that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most popular iOS social media applications. The only problem is switching between the applications when having multiple conversations over the three social networks.

I regret to say that the only limitation of the app is that your first status update to any of the social media sites will post an advertisement at the end promoting the app. This is a one time thing and it is well worth it to use this app and all its features. As like any free app as well this is ad-supported with only a small banner ad at the bottom of the application. The ability to cross-post updates to the three supported social media sites and being able to bring everything you need to communicate with users in the app is amazing and puts it above the rest.

The clean user interface of Stroodle is nice on the eyes and offers little to confuse the user off all its setting and interactivity. The ability of this app is far and many, first of which allows you to view all of your connected profiles in one long continuous feed or filter out by search and network that you are looking at. Facebook features include Like, Comment, or Post on the user’s Wall as well as view comments on an existing post. LinkedIn features the ability to “Like” a status update, Reply, and Message the user. To pull up these features per network you just click on the status update and under the original message are buttons to interact with the update.

The biggest feature Stroodle boasts is the ability for the application to post to your connected social networks all at once to eliminate the time to copy and paste the update to each service. This allows for your message to get more impressions and get you connected more quickly with your community.

For the time being, Stroodle does not send any push notifications and requires you to enter into the app to see what’s new.

Download and try it from the iTunes App Store.