I am a huge fan of minimalism. I live in a spacious studio without TV, don’t own a car, and opt for books on Kindle whenever possible. Translating this experience to the Internet can be difficult; Twitter is noisy, getting to the mythical Inbox Zero is next to impossible and Facebook has evolved into a nightmare of a clutter. I recently fell in love with Ansel Santosa’s extension for Chrome to solve some of my Gmail clutter, turning my email experience into more of a zen state again. Now, Ansel Santosa has done it again with a Chrome extension for Facebook with Minimalist for Facebook.

With Minimalist with Facebook, you can customize ¬†Facebook for a more enjoyable experience. Minimalist for Facebook allows you to change the color scheme of Facebook as well as the theme, including forcing full-width layout. Users of the Minimalist for Facebook extension can also change the navigation toolbar on Facebook, which includes options to hide the Facebook logo, hide friend requests, hide messages, and hide notifications. You can also change other features on the right side, including the ability to remove and hide event, the “Find More Friends” link, requests, pokes, and even ads, too.

Another great feature is the ability to disable the incredibly annoying new “theater” mode Facebook now uses for photos. But the best part of Minimalist for Facebook is the ability to hide certain types of stories for a more peaceful Facebook experience. You can default to “Most Recent” feed, or hide any or all of the types of stories so that you only see specific types of Facebook stories and updates. Types of updates you can hide include all applications (no more annoying games), ¬†polls and questions (no more annoying questions), and notes (no more annoying chain letters that won’t die).

Minimalist for Facebook is currently in beta and available for Chrome – and I highly recommend it for you and your sanity. Oh, and if you love it, try Ansel Santosa’s minimalist extensions for Gmail, Reader and Calendar too for more simple productivity.