Though the term ‘post PC era’ makes for great journalist headlines, the fact is that the words that Steve Jobs stated have been misinterpreted. Some seem to believe that we are entering into a period of time where the PC or Mac desktop and laptops will be replaced by either the Apple iPad or other brand of tablet computer. Though this makes for great headlines and snappy commentary, the fact is that the PC, whether it be a Windows or Mac machine, is not going anywhere.

In our home we have the following computers that serve a specific purpose:

Desktop PC: I have what I consider to be a fairly powerful computer for gaming which uses Windows 7 and functions very well. The system has a large monitor and superior sound system, to make game playing as realistic as humanely possible.

Laptop PC: I have a 17″ laptop that I use as my main computer. I use the system for blogging, Internet surfing, emails, and social networking. The laptop has a full-sized keyboard, which makes typing easy for me and a pleasure to use.

Google Cr-48 notebook beta: I use the Google Chrome OS notebook about three to four times a week. I use the system mainly when I am outside of the home and will connect via a Wi-Fi or Verizon 3G network. What is attractive about this device is that it is lightweight compared to my laptop, and it can be used easily almost anywhere, since it takes up very little space — I can surf and eat at the same time when outside of the home.

Apple iPad: This is my wife’s computer along with a laptop she also owns. I bought a Bluetooth keyboard and protective case for the iPad. The keyboard, though smallish like the one on the Cr-48, does work well and makes typing easier compared to the on-screen keyboard.

Like many of you, I am in a quandary. I find that I rarely use my desktop any longer for gaming. In fact the system sits alone by itself in a closed bookcase and rarely sees the light of day. I guess my old gaming days have come to an end and I am giving some consideration of selling the unit. My laptop will need to be replaced sometime this year and here is where my problem surfaces. What do I buy to replace the 17″ laptop?

I have been considering another laptop, but most likely will buy a 15.6″ model. The new Toshiba laptops have wide screens that are just as big as the 17″, but weigh a few pounds less. But wait. If I don’t need to lug the 17″ around when I leave the home, does it really matter how much it weighs? I basically use the laptop as a desktop replacement. There are also the Google Chrome notebooks being released in June of this year that could replace my laptop. Or do I get an Apple iPad 2 with Bluetooth keyboard?

Decisions, decisions, and more decisions. But is this decision really that hard to make? The bottom line for me is that each of these machines provides a different user experience and performs a different function. I believe that the computer user of the future will have many different devices in order to take advantage of everything that technology has to offer.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

Source – Macworld