If you ever want a good way to spam your friends on Facebook blindsided, check out the Apps You Use settings in Facebook. This section really should be called “Apps You Forgot You Ever Used” and is a collection of all third-party apps that trended for 2 seconds and convinced the majority of Facebook users to connect to, and then spam their friends with something like, “Where Will Kanye Interrupt You?” I miss the days when apps were really that innocent and just generally annoying – these days, apps are either horribly obtrusive (I’m looking at you, Source Code) or scammy and viral. While I don’t recommend resurrecting a Kanye meme on Facebook intentionally, it’s a good idea to occasionally check what apps have permission to post on your wall, email you, and otherwise access your Facebook data. You may also want to remove an application entirely, especially if an app has gone rogue unintentionally starting spamming your friends. Here’s how to Delete Facebook Applications:

  1. Login to Facebook and select “Account” in the top right corner.
  2. Choose “Privacy Settings”
  3. In the bottom left corner, choose “Edit your Settings” under Apps and Website
  4. Under the section “Apps you use”, you will see a sample of the apps you currently have connected to Facebook, along with the total of apps you use. To see the complete list, along with the ability to remove any and/or all apps connected, click “Edit Settings” to the right of the sample list.”
  5. On the next page, you will see a complete list of apps you have authorized to interact with your Facebook account, listed in reverse chronological order from when you last used the app. To see what kind of permissions you have given an app, click “edit settings” on the same row as the apps title and date of last use. You may be able to remove some specific permission here, but this varies from app-to-app. You may want to check these options before removing an app entirely, as some apps may allow you to revoke one feature – such as posting to your wall – while still allowing you to use the app.Delete Facebook applications by editing the app settings in Facebook Privacy
  6. If you would like to remove an app, you can remove an app by clicking on “edit settings” and then “remove app” in the top right corner”. You can also remove an app by clicking the “x” button to the far right of the apps name, next to “Edit Settings”, under the full list of apps listed under Apps You Use. This will automatically revoke all permissions you have given to the third-party app and will delete those applications. You will not be able to use that app anymore, either. (Unless you connect to it again, of course.)