Kindergarten students in the Maine community of Auburn are each going to get their very own Apple iPad2 to help them in their learning experience. The school district is planning on spending $200k to purchase the iPads along with additional educational software installed as well. The price will also include iPads for the teaching staff and full support plus services for the iPad themselves. Apple is charging the school district $475 for each iPad that will be given to each student.

But not everyone in the community of 25k are happy with the decision. Some are skeptical on whether the kids will even use the iPads for anything but as a toy for games. Others in the community fear that the youngsters will not be able to care for the units and will break them soon after getting the new iPads. With the district getting ready to spend the $200k for the Apple iPads, some are wondering whether that $200k couldn’t be spent on traditional supplies and equipment.

Maine School District Buying Every Kindergartner Their Own Apple iPad 2

If anyone has seen any of the recent commercials for the Apple iPad 2, one part of the segment shows a child tracing the number 2 with their finger. Apparently this is geared to tell the audience that the Apple iPad can be used to teach young children numbers. So is the school district correct in giving the kids their own Apple iPads or are those who think the idea is lunacy correct?

I personally believe the idea is sound and will provide these children a learning opportunity that few in our country will have. We need to provide the next generation with the tools they will need to compete in the world and computer use is a must. What better way to start to train our youngsters than to provide them with an advanced tool to assist in their learning process?

One wonders if Apple saw its product as an advanced educational tool and knew all along that it would be sought after by teachers. It is also interesting to see that the school district sought the Apple iPad and not another product like the Motorola Xoom as the device of choice. Though the Xoom has better hardware specifications, I believe that Apple has the superior OS.

There is one more thing that the kids will experience when they are learning: they will have fun doing it.

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