The bugs are dying at an incredible pace in Norway today, as the Opera Desktop Team has put forth another release candidate, these last few coming with point numbers! The latest, and 2nd for this very long spring day, is RC 4.1, which brings lots of presentation bugs to an end.

Pages which were presented much differently in Iron, or Internet Explorer 8, are now mostly the same, with only minor variations. As to which is truly correct, we’ll have to wait for the Acid testing. One of the things I have noticed with Opera 11, since version 10, is that some pages incorrectly render as if it were a mobile browser – mycokerewards is one of them. I am thinking that this is because the page does not correctly interpret 2 digit versioning, and we’ll probably not see much change on this until we get Internet Explorer 10, which will force some of the lazy sites to come into some sort of compliance.

I’ve always maintained that if all sites were coded correctly, the bad actors, like Internet Exploder 6, would disappear at near light speed.


DSK-333655 Opera crashes when you cancel a Unite download

DSK-333661 Missing close button in notification popup

DSK-333313 Second column not created when tabs are set to wrap and tab bar is to right/left

DSK-333669 CSS parser crash

DSK-333662 [Mac] Fix for missing extensions for certain file types

CORE-37911 [Mac]Hidden plugins on Mac don’t initialize

Above are the latest noted changes, but as the site declares, there are many other little things fixed which were niggling problems for so long. The speeddial page is usable now, though a bit of futzing with the parameters is necessary – the way to get non-standard layouts is different than before, as there is no need, or effect, to manually editing the ini file.

There is more speed in page renders than with 11.01, and the general direction of the efforts shows that the guys on the development team are still pushing for the very best browser, as judged by those not otherwise predisposed to long held prejudices.

The download is worthwhile, and very stable. It may only be a day or so until the final product is released, but until then, this revision, 2092 [Windows], is a big step up from 11.01 Stable, and worth the time to remove 11.01 and install 11.10 Beta 2092. The long standing ability of installing over older versions is no longer recommended by the Team, as some of the ini files and other areas where vital information is stored have changed, making overwritten installs do strange things.