Thankfully you’ll find that owning a Mac is a fairly straight forward experience. Assuming new and kept up to date, there is next to nothing that you need to concern yourself with short of simply applying those silly little updates as they come rolling in. Short of this however, that’s about it. But this isn’t to suggest that you shouldn’t bother to tweak your OS X installation for the best possible experience. After all, we’re geeks. Of course we’re going to tweak it until it hurts.

Quicksilver: Perhaps more of a tool than tweak, this keyboard shortcut handler makes using a Mac much faster in my opinion. The ability to locate, launch and even manage applications and files from your fingertips makes using a mouse look pretty silly. Quicksilver is a recommended addition.

VLC: Again, more software. But rather than dance around hoping you have all of the codecs needed to enjoy the videos of you  choosing, know that VLC will open just about anything you can throw at it.

Tweaks For OS X
Photo by Matt Hartley

Customize your Dock with Leopard Docks: Face it, the OS X is boring and in dire need of a refresh. By adding in some cool themes for it, you can tweak the dock into something cool and worth using! The best part is that these changes can be done fairly easily thanks in part to the instructions provided here. Let Leopard Docks make your dock more exciting!

Hot Corners: Setup your Mac to react to your mouse wandering to a set corner. When this happens, an assigned reaction takes place. Launch software, make another sort of event happen, it’s pretty limitless. Hot corners is pretty neat way to tweak how OS X behaves.

Enable right click on a Mac mouse: Some might believe you need a PC mouse for this, but in reality OS X supports right clicking once it’s been turned on. Just goto Settings and then the search box, type in trackpad on Mac based notebooks. Let’s face it, this sure beats the old Control click option!