It what could be the ringing of the death bell for the Chrome OS notebook computers, Acer has stated they will dump their project for a notebook computer. Instead the company has stated that they will ride the current wave of tablet computers. Just how serious is Acer? Fairly serious I would say since Acer terminated their CEO as notebook sales fell like a rock.

Last week it was learned that Google was porting out the Chrome OS for the tablet computer. This was a move that some have seen as defining that the notebook era is already over and the tablet is the new king on the block. So will Google try to spark an interest in the notebook computer, maybe by business users, or could the project end up like Microsoft’s failed attempt at Web TV?

Once it was thought that the notebook PC, with the support of major players like Verizon and AT&T, would be the next device that consumers would flock to. However, along came Apple with a simple to use tablet computer called the iPad that has taken off like a rocket. Sales for the Apple iPad has been remarkable and consumers are still waiting to get their hands on the Apple iPad2. The shortages are world-wide and yet people will wait until the product becomes available before buying something else.

There are other issues that might also make the Cr-48 cousins a hard sell. I know that many of you here at Lockergnome have expressed your concern about placing all of your stuff in the cloud. Some of you have also expressed your concern about pricing. It is now common to see offerings of laptop computer systems, with 15.6″ screens, 2MB of RAM and 250 hard disks being priced under $400. I would venture a guess that the profit margins on these units is low and could be even lower for notebook systems. Some also see the notebook computers as a ‘niche’ product and not made for main stream users.

I agree with some of these assumptions. I’ll be taking the Cr-48 on a trip this week and I know that it is 5 lbs. lighter than my 17″ laptop and should be easier to carry through the airport. My wife will be bringing along her Apple iPad for gaming and also to use it as a kindle. We will see how each of these units work for us.

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