I really find Horde Mail to be atrocious to use and something to generally be avoided if at all possible. Perhaps I’m all alone in this, but for my money it’s just too limited to be taken very seriously. Now some of you might be inclined to point out that webmail as a rule, blows toes. And there is some truth to this as many webmail experiences have been lack luster. Either they are dependent on access to Google, Yahoo or Hotmail…or instead using some other annoying third part service. But if you’re going to be hosting your own webmail client anyway, why not look at what else is available before writing off the idea completely?

Postaci – Certainly not going to win awards for massive amounts of cool features, but overall Postaci is a pretty decent option for those looking at a simple webmail  client. Install it and get it configured, this is a client that will do what you ask of it. The one benefit that I see Postaci offering is the fact that it’s simple to setup.

Horde Webmail Alternatives
Photo by Matt Hartley

Claros inTouch – Ajax email never felt this good! Eat your heart out, Google. Considered to be a “communications suite“, I have found that it provides a very slick looking webmail client. Thanks to its use of Ajax, there are not page refreshes and the overall experience is very modern. Even looking closely, this almost feels good enough to be a natively installed local email client. It’s that good, folks.

AtMail – I found AtMail by accident, and it’s been in my bookmarks ever since. When I was getting ready to write this piece, I nearly forgot about it altogether. In many ways, it’s one of those webmail clients that often understated. Easy to install, aesthetically pleasing while providing the basic level of functionality one would expect. Additional value can be added by incorporating other aspects of AtMail products to the mix, should they be deemed needed.