I have used Firefox for about six years before making the switch over to Google Chrome. I made the switch not because I thought that Google Chrome was better than Firefox. I made the switch because one add-0n aka extension would not work properly in Firefox so I decided to switch.  So when I read an article directly from the Mozilla team, which lists 50 slow performing add-0ns, I thought to myself that it was about time that Mozilla put the slowness of Firefox on the actual culprits. It is surprising how many complain that for them, Firefox crawls, but they don’t mention how many add-ons they load up on the browser.

In another surprise, the 50 top slow performing add-0ns include some of the most popular ones like FasterFox, which actually claims to speed up the Firefox browser. But according to the folks at Mozilla, FasterFox can slow the browser as much as 32%. But there are other add-ons that can slow down your browsing experience by as much as 40%. Here is a listing of the top 10 that can slow your browser down:

#1 Firebug 74% slower
#2 FoxLingo 73% slower
#3 FoxClocks 46% slower
#4 FoxyTunes 44% slower
#5 Video DownloadHelper 35% slower
#6 FastestFox 32% slower
#7 Xmarks Sync 30% slower
#8 Similar Web 23% slower
#9 CoolPreviews 21% slower
#10 Adblock Plus 20% slower

Another thing that can slow down Firefox are what is called Flash cookies. The cookies are related to Adobe’s Flash and is used to store their data own data in your browser. What is also disturbing is that these Flash cookies are not dumped when you delete traditional cookies. One program I have seen advertised, but that I have not used is Kill Flash Cookies. The nice thing about the program is that it isn’t dependent on the browser.

One of the suggestions by the Mozilla developers are to uninstall add-ons that you no longer use or need. This is a great suggestions and may just help to bring speed back to your Firefox browser.

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PS the additional 40 add-ons can be located at the link below.

Source – Mozilla