While everyone complains about trying to attain “Inbox Zero”, I have actually achieved that success – with my real inbox (you know, the mail box). I was just lamenting last week that I would love to come home everyday and find something real and tangible to read (electric and medical bills need not apply). If you’re looking for a little more something in your mailbox (not inbox), too, you’ll love Postagram.

Postagram is a genius app for those who love to take pictures and have also not forgotten the apparently lost art of sending a real piece of mail. Simply take a picture with Instagram on your iPhone, and then Postagram will instantly print and ship your Instagram photos right from web or iPhone. You can send the printed Postagram in the mail to yourself, friends or family anywhere in the world. You can even personalize each Postagram with your Instagram profile photo, and an optional 140 character message to the user, which is featured to the side of the Instagram photo, which can pop-out. On its blog Postagram says all Postagram photos are printed on thick, high quality photo postcards at 300dpi resolution and are printed and delivered anywhere in the world for only 99 cents. US delivery should only 2-5 business days, but international delivery might take a bit longer.

postagram turns your instagram image into a postcard and sends it for youYou can use Postagram to send Instagram photos to yourself, or to friends and family to mark a memorable occasion, so they would ideally make for great holiday greeting cards. To send a Postgram you’ll need Instagram and the Postagram iphone app, which is free. You can also send Postagrams from the postagramapp.com website.

Postagram says that “there is no greater gift than a real photo sent to a friend,” and I couldn’t agree more – especially since no one seems to print photos these days, let alone send anything in the mail. Could a project like this revolutionize how we communicate with friends, family – and especially those fighting for us on the other side of the world? Let us know if and how you use Postagram!