Watch out, Disqus. If Facebook’s new commenting platform wasn’t a threat when it launched last month, the list of new features and additional login providers might just yet make it a threat to other commenting platforms. Last month, Facebook launched the updated Comments Box plugin launched last month, and now more than 50,000 websites have added it to their sites to use as the commenting platform. Today, Facebook introduced several new features to help increase traffic, engagement, and the quality of comments on sites using Facebook Comments.

Among these changes include a modified Comments Box News Feed story to feature more social context. This box is designed to help the click-through-rate ┬áback to the website using Facebook Comments, but also encourages people on Facebook to contribute to the discussion. Additionally, Facebook Comments now feature a permalink on each individual comment with a timestamp. Notifications sent to users will now go to that permalink, so it’s easier to respond.

is facebook comments a disqus killer?Facebook also made some changes to the API, as well as now offer a darker color scheme for better integration with websites with a darker theme. One of the biggest changes, though – and perhaps the biggest threat to other commenting platforms like Disqus – is the addition of more third party providers to the Comments Box plugin as a login options. Today, Hotmail joined AOL and Yahoo! to the list, which allows users signed into those accounts to comment using the Facebook platform – even if they don’t have a Facebook account, or aren’t signed into Facebook. Facebook notes that developers, however, have to enable this functionality on their websites.

One of the key benefits to using Facebook Comments has been the instant identity verification (much to the annoyance of trolls everywhere). But do you think Facebook Comments can kill other platforms like Disqus? Or will you still prefer posting on platforms that allow anonymity?