A recent study of UK users shows that most consumers are wasting money on cell phone plans that provide more than they use. The study also concludes that consumers are over spending by hundreds of dollars every year and could save big bucks by changing plans. If you’re one of those who is over spending for services that you are not fully using, my question to you is: why?

Pre-paid cell plans abound and they may not be right to for you; they can be an alternative for some of us. During the past few years, cell phone companies offering pre-paid plans have surfaced that offer reasonable rates without signing up for a two-year contract. The pre-paid plans allow the consumer to pick which plan is right for them. But there is one ‘gotcha’ about pre-paid plans. Services from pre-paid subscriptions vary widely and service may not be available where you live.

The key to finding a pre-paid service is to know which of the major carriers the company uses. As an example, Straight Talk uses both Verizon and AT&T to carry its services. Prices range from $30 a month for limited usage [1,000 talk, 100 text, and 50 MB data] and $45 a month for unlimited service. Where I live, Verizon works the best so I went with a Straight Talk limited plan and it works great for me.

Walmart recently introduced a mobile cell service plan with reasonable rates: three phones for as little as $95 a month. The service offered by Walmart uses the T-Mobile network, which unfortunately does not work well where I live. But for those who live in an area that is serviced by T-Mobile, this is an extremely attractive offering.

Another pre-paid service is from the folks at Common Cents. The company rounds down your minutes and not up, which is typically done by most other carriers. Common Cents is a part of Virgin Mobile and is associated with Sprint. Neither provides services in my area, but may where you live. I would recommend you check with family or friends who are using Virgin Mobile or Sprint and see how the service works where you reside.

If you do your homework, you may be able to get a pre-paid service that will meet your needs at a lower price.

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Source – MobileCrunch