Last September, Google launched their own URL Shortener – Today, Google added several more features to the service, including the ability to copy to clipboard, remove items from your dashboard and report spam.

One of the most frequently requested features for on Google forums was the ability to copy new short URLs. Google has finally added this feature, and now when a new short URL is created, the text on the page will automatically be highlighted, and you can simply press Control+C (or Command+C on a Mac) to copy it. If you’re used to using another URL shortening tool like, you may already be used to this, but if you use short URLs a lot throughout your day, this shortcut can make a big impact on time and productivity.

Google also added the ability to remove previously created short links from your dashboard, so that you can see a quick summary of only your most important links and hide the ones you no longer need. If you hide a previously created short URL using, the URL will still work – it will just be out of your way. Google notes in their blog that you can’t add short URLs back into your dashboard once you have hidden them, and so advices to make sure that you won’t need to find that short URL from your dashboard later.

Another requested feature by users of the Goog.l URL shortening service was for the ability to report URLs that lead to spam sites. Google has now set up just for that purpose. If you find a short link that leads to spam, head over to and let Google know accordingly.

Will you use the new and improved short URL service? Or do you still prefer a different service to create short URLs?